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Alana Baines : Racing 11 years ,

                                                2000 3rd Ladies KT Modified NSW Title

                                                2005 Ladies NSW KT Modified Champion

                                                2005 NSWSKC KT Modified Ladies Class Champion

                                                2008 NSWSKC KT Modified Light Champion

                                                2009 2nd Australian Titles KT Modified Light  

                                                2009  NSWSKC KT Modified Light Champion

                                                2009 NSWSKC KT Modified Light Drivers Driver 

                                                 over 30 Round wins

Alana is currently the only Lady in The histroy of the NSWSKC to win an open Class Championship , outside the Ladies Class  


Wayne Baines : Racing 10 years 

                                                2001 CCSKC King Of The Dirt Champion

                                                2002 NSWSKC Formula 100 Class Champion

                                                2004 NSWSKC Clubman Heavy Champion

                                                2004  NSWSKC Clubman Heavy Drivers Driver

                                                2004  CCSKC Clubman Heavy Champion

                                                2006 NSWSKC Clubman Heavy Drivers Driver

                                                2007 CCSKC King Of The Dirt Champion  

                                               2007  NSWSKC Clubman  Class Champion                                           

                                                2008 NSWSKC Clubman Heavy Class Champion 

                                                2008 NSWSKC Club Champion

                                                2009 NSWSKC KT Modified Heavy Champion 

                                                2009 NSWSKC Club Champion

                                                2009 Australian KT Modified Champion  

                                                3 times winner , 04 ,05 ,06 Central Coast Cup

                                                         Over 50 round wins

Wayne to date is the only driver to win the NSWSKC Overall  Club Championship from 2 differnt senior classes Clubman and KT Modified .

Wayne aslo has won Class Championship in all 3 senior classes run at the NSWSKC being Formula 100 , Clubman and KT Modifed .

Wayne was honored with Life Membership to the NSWSKC in 2010 .

                                                   2011 NSW KT Heavy Champion

                                                   2011 Australian KT Heavy Champion  

                                                   2011 3rd NSWSKC KT Pro Champinship  



Jake Baines : Racing 4 years

                                               2009 Rookie Class Champion

                                               2009 2nd Place Australian Title  

                                               2009 NSWSKC Rookie Drivers Driver

                            Jake has had various round wins so far in his short career . 

                                                2011 Australian Junior Champion

                                                2011  3rd NSWSKC Junior Championship


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